Our Mission

Sing Inchanga is a UK registered charity (charity number 1158473), the project was started in 2010 by David Tims and became an official UK charity in 2014. Sing Inchanga aims to improve education and community development through the promotion of music and the arts in deprived areas of South Africa. The charity works with local schools, charities and community groups to provide long lasting and sustainable development in the Valley of 1000 hills, near Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

Flowers in Chania
Flowers in Chania

The Journey so far

David’s love for South Africa began in 2007 during a school trip to KwaZulu Natal and The Valley of 1000 Hills. The trip was based at Inchanga Primary School and David was able to see first-hand the challenges and struggles facing both the school, the pupils and the associated families.

The trip left David feeling that he could do more and in 2010 he returned to the area to start laying the foundations for what would become Sing Inchanga. With a background in the Arts, David’s focus was to establish a choir at Inchanga Primary School with the hope of generating revenue for the school through performances as well as raising awareness of the issues facing the school.

Vision and Aims

The aim of the charity is to provide community development through music and arts education to children living in rural South Africa. We are using funds to:

• provide opportunities to learn music;
• provide sustainable teaching;
• support the development of teaching skills;
• provide grants to schools;
• provide educational facilities to improve the learning environment of pupils.

Flowers in Chania
Flowers in Chania

Charity Overview

Musical and arts education are at the core of Sing Inchanga and we strive to provide opportunities for pupils to learn music and provide sustainable teaching in local communities. We help schools to facilitate music teaching by providing grants to them. These grants help fund local music teachers, improve school facilities and provide music tuition to both teachers and pupils. By providing music lessons to teachers, we enable them to pass their new skills on to the students.

The Valley of 1000 hills

The Valley of 1000 Hills is a gorge situated between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The valley is the focus of the charities work and is home to the schools and communities the Charity supports. The valley struggles with high unemployment rates and is considered to one of the worst areas for HIV / AIDS with infections rates as high as 40% in some communities.

Flowers in Chania

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